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Danielle Garcia



In 2008, upon discovering yoga, Danielle (AKA: D) immediately fell in love with the strength and concentration she felt during a yoga class and the deep relaxation felt just afterwards. She knew there was a strong and essential connection between the breath and the movement and the more she worked on linking the pranayama with the asana during class, the more she was able to take these techniques with her in everyday life. With each day that passes, D finds more balance and mindfulness within all aspects of her life. With continually taking time to learn about herself and loving her body, she has in turn grown to love others with far more depth than ever before!

She has studied with various teachers from the United States, Australia, Brazil, India, England etc... Danielle completed her YTT 200 hr in 2014 and has since done a few hundred hours in continued education. She has participated in and taught countless workshops and teacher trainings, as her intention is to always learn and grow as a student in her practice and in life!

D prefers to live her life outdoors. When she is not in the studio, she will be found hiking, practicing in the garden or just having a picnic in the grass simply enjoying the sensual stimulation that nature brings.

D’s focus when teaching others is alignment and breath. She likes to move slowly with intention and sit in poses for longer periods of time to cultivate strength and tranquility. In order to fully access the postures to your full variation, she feels it is essential to listen to your body and she will always help in anyway she can!


Danielle feels her calling in this life is to serve and make a difference in whatever way is best, and Yoga has been the most beautiful gift that she can continue to give and receive.



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Online Classes

"One of my all-time favorite instructors. Danielle has a beautiful presence, holds a magical space and is an incredible inspiration. I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to attend your classes Danielle and will miss you immensely when I'm back in Canada. Thank you for your kindness, encouragement and for being YOU."

Carrie Trip