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Q: Do I get to choose the classes with the 3 or 5 class package?

A: No, at the moment these classes are pre-determined and hand picked for you! You can expect a well rounded selection of classes in your package.

Q: I only like gentle flow or yin yoga, are there classes for me? 

A: I am primarily a vinyasa based teacher. I enjoy teaching strong, allignment based movement classes that bring awareness to our bodies through focus and effort. I also teach slow flow and the occasional restorative class. If you're looking for a variety I would suggest the monthly membership as you would have a plethora of options in the online library. 

Q: I've never practiced yoga before, is it OK to start online rather than in a studio?

A: It is completely up to you. I generally suggest beginning with whatever you feel comfortable with. I also believe that it is great to practice live with a knowledgable teacher. I offer private online or in-person classes if you would like to get the best of both worlds, without going into a studio!

Q: Are you available to do private online or in-person classes?

A: YES! I love teaching private classes and with apps like Zoom or FaceTime I'm able to bring these services to you anywhere around the world! Click the Let's Chat button or email me directly at to discuss details.

Q: What equipment do I need to practice yoga online?

A: All you need is a device connected to wifi or cellular service and your open and willing self! Bonuses are yoga mat, blocks, strap, comfortable clothing you can move and maybe sweat in.

Q: I am out of shape and nervous to do yoga, is there a course for me?

A: With the monthly membership you'll have access to a huge range of classes which are easily modified to fit any level! I also have virtual workshops coming in the near future that will be suited to many different yoga goals.

Q: I'm an athlete and curious if yoga could be a benefit to me?

A: Yes! The classes I tend to teach encourage strengthening while lengthening muscles. Athletes love these classes because they often say they weren't expecting such a challenge while working on mobility and quieting the mind! I also offer a few post-workout stretch classes periodically, so keep your eye out for those each week with the monthly membership.

Q: I've got a really busy mind and I feel like yoga is for people who are more chilled out than I am, can I learn to quiet my mind down enough to enjoy practice?

A: Absolutely! Many of my classes are catered to the 21st century busy mind folks like yourself. I teach strong and connected strengthening yoga classes. We focus on alignment and breath so diligently you'll likely forget about all of your distractions for the entirety of class.

Q: Do I need to consult my doctor before starting yoga?

A: If you have health issues and you feel it would be wise to discuss other movement practices with your doctor, I would advise doing the same for yoga.

Q: I don't know any of the poses or any of the yoga terms and language, will I even be able to follow along?

A: I teach yoga with a mix of English and Sanskrit, and I always translate the posture name as well as describe the alignment in detail, you will have no problem at all.

Q: Does yoga cure everything?

A: YES! 

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